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EU Projects

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The company GLITTER and EVA STONE Kazimierz Szyszko, Ewa Szyszko is implementing a project co-financed from European Funds

"Increase in the competitiveness of Glitter and Eva Stone on the   international market through the implementation of the Industry Promotion Program of the MODA POLSKA sector in 2017-2019."

The goal of the project is to internationalize the company's operations and the product brand.

Planned effects of the project:

    - signing of foreign trade contracts,
    - increase in revenues from export sales.

Total project value:  1 121 858.00 PLN

Co-financing of the EU project: 840 735.00 PLN

Beneficiary: GLITTER and Eva Stone Kazimierz Szyszko, Ewa Szyszko


In 2013-2015, Glitter and Eva Stone, Kazimierz Szyszko, Ewa Szyszko participated in the Innovative Economy Operational Program financed by the Ministry of Economy from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Promotion of the Polish Economy (action 6.5) Submeasure 6.5.2: "Support for entrepreneurs' participation in promotion programs ". Project title: "Increase of export potential of GLITTER & EVA STONE"

implemented as part of the "Industry promotion program for the jewelery and amber industry"

The project was implemented from July 1, 2012 to July 30, 2015. The aim of the sub-measure 6.5.2. The Innovative Economy Program was: Sub-measure 6.5.2 of the OP IE implemented to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy by improving the image of the Polish economy among international partners, establishing business contacts by entrepreneurs, and promoting Polish export specialties.