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Amber tradition

Gdańsk is the world capital of amber jewellery. And just here, in the 1990s, the artistic journey of Rafał and Ewa Szyszko began. According to Gdańsk tradition, the first fascination was amber and silver.

A step into creativity

However, the inspiration with other jewelery stones resulted in the creation of a new, author's line of artistic products that caught the attention of jewellers around the world. Unusual and original ideas of Polish artists to combine stones with silver were suddenly found in the galleries of Germany, France, England, the United States and Canada.

Eva Stone – european design

The success in searching for alternative possibilities in expressing beauty resulted in the creation of  Eva Stone brand in 2007. Ewa Kurzynka joined Ewa and Rafał Szyszko, and since then the artists invariably surprise with the design of new yearly collections. The quality and aesthetics of this unique jewelry are appreciated by customers of the largest trade fairs - where Eva Stone presents prototypes of artistic products, allowing contractors to choose the colors of the jewellery, type or texture of stones, invariably delighting with uniqueness and enchanting with design.