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Beautiful things are the difficult ones

The creators of jewellery are kind of sculptors. Their materials: stone and metal are unusual because they symbolize eternity and durability. This matter, and at the same time small sizes of rings, pendants, earrings, necklace or uniques, force the artist to synthesize and simplify while maintaing the precision of details and concentration of expression. This does not allow for "chattering" so often found in other artistic disciplines.

Eternal inspirations

Eva Stone's designs are the play of  textures, structures and shapes of  silver surface, and full of fantasy, contrast-based combinations of silver with galvanic gilding and ruthenium, as well as with oxide and natural diamonds.
The workshop is basing on proven old jewellers’ techniques, including granulation and is not afraid of using technological novelties, such as 3D jewellery design. This is a place combining tradition with modernity - which results in the design with the soul, admired by the whole world.