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For love of beauty

Jewellery has always played a special role in human life - and throughout human history. Regardless of the era, culture, fashion or possession, jewellery has always been a highly personalized talisman, and treasure. That's why designing jewellery truly obliges.

Jewellery is a very personal object, bought under the influence of emotions and expressing these emotions. In such small objects, the artist must include a whole range of feelings: love, friendship, loyalty ... and even some of magic. Regardless of trends, yet in harmony with the aesthetics and philosophy of the era.

The artists

Rafał and Ewa Szyszko passionately enrich the world of jewellery, bringing out the charm full of unusual lightness from the rough matter of metal and stone,. The original jewellery of the Eva Stone studio is known and appreciated in the global market for many years. Artistic collections with an unique design are dedicated to true connoisseurs of art and lovers of beauty.


The unique line of proprietary Eva Stone jewellery is both the distinctively aesthetic form and unique design. The creation is a very versatile process. Designers closely follow what is happening in art,  business and  communities, what is shown on the catwalks, what is being read and talked about. They observe life from the perspective of many fields - they do not discover the world but tell about it.


Amber tradition

Gdańsk is the world capital of amber jewellery. And just here, in the 1990s, the artistic journey of Rafał and Ewa Szyszko began. According to Gdańsk tradition, the first fascination was amber and silver.

A step into creativity

However, the inspiration with other jewelery stones resulted in the creation of a new, author's line of artistic products that caught the attention of jewellers around the world. Unusual and original ideas of Polish artists to combine stones with silver were suddenly found in the galleries of Germany, France, England, the United States and Canada.

Eva Stone – european design

The success in searching for alternative possibilities in expressing beauty resulted in the creation of  Eva Stone brand in 2007. Ewa Kurzynka joined Ewa and Rafał Szyszko, and since then the artists invariably surprise with the design of new yearly collections. The quality and aesthetics of this unique jewelry are appreciated by customers of the largest trade fairs - where Eva Stone presents prototypes of artistic products, allowing contractors to choose the colors of the jewellery, type or texture of stones, invariably delighting with uniqueness and enchanting with design.


Beautiful things are the difficult ones

The creators of jewellery are kind of sculptors. Their materials: stone and metal are unusual because they symbolize eternity and durability. This matter, and at the same time small sizes of rings, pendants, earrings, necklace or uniques, force the artist to synthesize and simplify while maintaing the precision of details and concentration of expression. This does not allow for "chattering" so often found in other artistic disciplines.

Eternal inspirations

Eva Stone's designs are the play of  textures, structures and shapes of  silver surface, and full of fantasy, contrast-based combinations of silver with galvanic gilding and ruthenium, as well as with oxide and natural diamonds.
The workshop is basing on proven old jewellers’ techniques, including granulation and is not afraid of using technological novelties, such as 3D jewellery design. This is a place combining tradition with modernity - which results in the design with the soul, admired by the whole world.


ul. Potokowa 22A, 80-283 Gdańsk

tel/fax +48 58 348 03 58